Sortland Harbor KF is prepared to receive waste and leftover cargo from vessels. All vessels are required to unload waste at environmental stations unless the vessel’s capacity is such that unloading at the next port is possible.

Environmental stations are placed on the dock with guidelines on how to use them to sort waste. There are also containers for special waste disposal. In the event of large amounts of special waste disposal, Sortland Harbor will prepare accordingly.


The environmental stations are split into the following groups:

  1. Station for cargo ships, fishing- and leisure boats:
    Both small and large environmental stations for waste. The stations are locked.
  2. Environmental station for cruise ships:
    Personnel will be present to receive waste.
  3. Oil spills, cargo leftovers, and sewage:
    Disposal must be ordered in advance and is priced according to the amount of waste with an additional administration fee.
  4. Toxic waste: smaller amounts of toxic waste can be disposed at environmental stations at the docks. Containers or tankers will be dispatched for larger amounts.


Rules for waste management

All vessels, except for scheduled ships and leisure boats with 12 persons or less, must declare:
1) If they have waste for disposal, what kind and what amount.
2) having a home port with licensed operator for waste disposal.


Waste management must be reported:

  • At least 24 hours before arrival, if port of call is known.
  • As soon as port of call is decided.
  • At departure from previous port at the latest, if voyage has lasted less than 24 hours.
  • Report must be made on form for ship waste. You can find this form and pricing under the Services tab. For large amounts (2-3 cubic meters) of waste, this form will be forwarded to Sortland Harbor’s waste manager.
  • For more information about waste management, please contact our office at +47 75 57 71 00 or by e-mail:
  • Download PDF about ship waste management